I still recall the feel of the carpet as my face was pressed into it by the weight of my sisters and then Dad on top of us, not letting us move, barely letting us breathe . . .

A second before we had been riding down a quiet street with Dad driving. Then screeching tires, the bumps of a curb, being thrown to the floor, Dad landing on top, muscles locked ready to protect us, and in our ears . . . the lingering sound of a firecracker.

It was the Fourth of July, 1968 . . .

Dad was just back from Vietnam . . .

We learned that war doesn't end just because the soldier came home.

Today, our military who fight to give us security in our homes, come home and struggle to have a home. Veteran Homelessness is on the rise and the helplessness and hopelessness is costing us a generation as today, more military loose their lives to suicide than combat.

Our mission: help all Vets find their way, all the way home physically, mentally, and financially, and you can help.

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Thank you,

The family of SFC James O. Simmons, 101st & 82nd Airborne Green Berets Medic during WW II and the war in Vietnam.

p.s.: Socks 4 Vets is not a charity, or a 501(c)3, and your purchase of socks or insoles does not constitute an IRS charitable donation.

Thank YOU!